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Southern Kentucky Elite Volleyball Academy


Welcome to the Southern Kentucky Elite home page! We are an organization based out of Bowling Green, Ky., dedicated to bringing Elite Volleyball to the Southern Kentucky area. Stay tuned here for more information as it becomes available about clinics being offered, SKEVA Juniors, and an incredible opportunity for young sprouts. We will also keep up to date information on how our competitive travel teams perform throughout the season! For any additional inquiries, contact Caleb Sheffield or Lindsey Sheffield, whose information can be found on the bottom of this page.

15U and Older Tryout Results!!!

Congratulations to all players selected to play on a SKEVA team this season! Please make sure to check all teams for your number in case you have been moved to a different age group. Be on the lookout in the coming days for an email that will contain the next steps! We ask that everyone please honor the 24 hour rule regarding tryout results. We will not be answering calls or texts until that time has elapsed. Thank you for your understanding!

For all 15U and 16U teams, please select the link below to accept your place on your team! Please be sure to accept or decline your team within the allotted 48 hour window.

15 Blue: 1507; 1508; 1510; 1511; 1513; 1515; 1516; 1518; 1520

15 Orange: 1500; 1501; 1502; 1504; 1505; 1506; 1512; 1521; 1523; 1528; 1626 

16 Blue: 1600; 1601; 1602; 1604; 1609; 1615; 1617; 1618; 1619; 1623

16 Orange: 1503; 1603; 1607; 1611; 1613; 1614; 1620; 1624; 1625; 1628; 1629

16 White: 1402; 1404; 1499; 1514; 1522; 1524; 1612; 1621; 1627; 1716

17 Blue: 1700; 1701; 1705; 1708; 1713; 1714; 1717; 1719; 1723

17 Orange: 1525; 1605; 1606; 1608; 1702; 1706; 1707; 1710; 1720; 1722; 1802

18 Blue: 1703; 1709; 1711; 1712; 1715; 1718; 1801; 1803; 1804


SKEVA is ready for the upcoming 2024 season!!!

Tryout Information for 15U and Older:

November 5th!! 

  • 17U-18U  from 12:00-2:00 PM
  • 15U from 2:30-4:30 PM
  • 16U from 5:00-7:00 PM

2024 SKEVA Registration Link

Use this link to complete your 2024 SKEVA Season registration!

Clinics are scheduled and posted on our Events Calendar!!

Click here to see our Clinic Schedule!

Each Clinic session is $25. Players who are already registered for our Regional or Full Season SKEVA team receives a $10 discount for each clinic entry fee! Click this link to register!

The SKEVA Jrs Competitive League was a success!!!

The amount of growth our Juniors showed throughout our Competitive League was tremendous!! They hit it hard during the skill development phase and in the weight room with our Trainer, Mazden! It wasn't easy for these girls and there were many nights they left the gym with red cheeks and sweat still dripping. But after watching them compete in the games you could see it was all well worth the hustle! The talent is strong in this group and we look forward to continue watching them develop and grow their love for the game! 

HUGE THANK YOU to our SKEVA Jrs Sponsors!!

Any interest in becoming a coach for SKEVA?

As a part of our mission to improve volleyball in this area, we are also making a point to increase the amount of skilled coaches in this area. With the recent increase in the amount of players playing volleyball, it only makes sense that we need to train additional coaches. If you have an interest in coaching for SKEVA, please click the link to the left to fill out an application!


Caleb Sheffield

Caleb Sheffield

SKEVA President

Phone: 502-552-5470

Lindsey Sheffield

Lindsey Sheffield

SKEVA JRs Director

Phone: 502-693-1163

Jerred Long

Jerred Long

Recruitment Coordinator, Tournament Director

Phone: (270) 731-7721