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2018 Head Coaches

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2018 Registrations are now open!

After registering for our 2018 season you will be given a $10 discount on EVERY clinic until January!

Tryouts will be held at Greenwood High School:

October 21st and 22nd          November 11th and 12th

12U and under: 1pm-3pm              15U & 16U: TBA

13U &14U: 10am-12pm                   17U & up: TBA

Team Meeting/Mizuno Uniform fittings will be Sunday 10/22 at Greenwood high school from 1pm-3pm. Families will have the opportunity to order SKEVA apparel at a discounted rate this day. 


No Extra Fees!!!

Our Plyometric training program including the use of our Vertimax V8 and Vertimax raptor are included in our SKEVA fees this year. All skills training days, and the use of our recruitment platforms Sports Recruits and HUDL are also included. There are NO extra fees!! 

Any interest in becoming a coach for SKEVA?

As a part of our mission to improve volleyball in this area, we are also making a point to increase the amount of skilled coaches in this area. With the recent increase in the amount of players playing volleyball, it only makes sense that we need to train additional coaches. If you have an interest in coaching for SKEVA, please click this link below to fill out an application.


SKEVA Car Decals

We now have SKEVA car decals available for sale! They are $10.50 each and that includes shipping!The picture to the left is an actual picture of the decal. Please Click the link below to order your own today!


VertiMax V8

We are very excited to announce that we just purchased the VertiMax V8 in addition to the VertiMax Raptor to train our SKEVA athletes! This will be another tool for us to utilize in our plyometrics program as we can train up to 5 athletes simultaneously . Volleyball training with VertiMax V8 provides the most advanced jump training and speed training system in the world. With the ability to load the legs and arm swing while jumping and the waist and feet while performing defensive drills, we'll tap into vertical performance and speed your athlete never knew they had. We can't wait to get to work with our athletes! Check out this link to learn more about volleyball specific training with the V8!


VertiMax Raptor

To be the best, you have to train with the best! That’s why SKEVA is introducing the VertiMax Raptor to take our athletes to the next level! We will be training our athletes with this tool in our Explosive Plyometric program as well as during our season in the gym at practice. VertiMax Raptor is an innovative resistance band training tool that’s fully portable and specifically designed for next-level speed and core strength training. The entire lightweight unit can be attached to any stable wall, chain link fence, or freestanding support in under two minutes, and its elastic bands offer a substantial 30-yard+ range of movement, with the ability to load legs and arms. This means we can set up the Raptor indoors or outdoors for targeted speed training or for custom, applied resistance in sports related movement.


Welcome to the Southern Kentucky Elite home page! We are an Organization based out of Bowling Green dedicated to bringing Elite Volleyball to the Southern Kentucky area. We are very excited to kick off preparations for the start of a new year! Stay tuned here for more information as it becomes available about registration, try-outs, and clinics that we plan to offer very soon. For any additional information, contact Caleb Sheffield or Lindsey Sheffield, whose information can be found on the bottom of this page.

USAV Registration

Register through USAV using the link below by clicking on the logo. This will give each player insurance for all USAV events, practices and tryouts. Register as a new or existing member under registration tab.


<---- Click here to Register

SKEVA 13 Blue won Gold at Music City Block Party

SKEVA 13 Blue wins Music City Block Party!

SKEVA 15 Blue wins the MIdsouth Mayhem Tournament

Caleb Sheffield

Caleb Sheffield

SKEVA President

Phone: 502-552-5470

Nathan Presley

Nathan Presley

Marketing Consultant

Phone: 502-235-0393

John Loiars

John Loiars

SKEVA Vice-President

Phone: 270-991-3999

Lindsey Sheffield

Lindsey Sheffield

SKEVA Secretary/Treasurer

Phone: 502-693-1163

Tasha Manteris

Tasha Manteris

Technical Director/Recruitment Coordinator

Phone: 270-996-9966